Obligatory Post

Ever since KINDERGARDEN—full of what you considered to be snotty, nosy little brats—you have always been a STRAIGHT A student. Though your tipsy, rich MOTHER could care less, you hold this acheivement proudly.

By the time you reach high school, you have already realised that you have a large amount of TALENT and SKILL in the literature field. You take mostly WRITING electives and are PRETTY DECENT in all the other subjects.

If there is one subject you cannot stand, it is probably MATH. There is hardly any CREATIVITY in that field, and that in itself irks you.

Your SCHEDULE consists of:

Creative Writing
AP English Literature
AP European History
AP Physics

You decide not to take any MUSIC or PERFORMING ARTS classes, because, though you won’t admit it, your SENSE OF MUSIC is on par with that of a BRICK WALL. You also don’t take any PHYSICAL EDUCATION subjects because you are too busy stuffing your schedule with extra ENGLISH or HISTORY classes.

Apart from SCHOOL, you also have a few ACADEMIC extracurricular activities—which, of course, involve your select few HOBBIES. You are part of said activities due to your urging, as your STRANGE MOTHER tends not to do much for you at all.

And speaking of your STRANGE MOTHER, you also refuse to borrow MONEY from her, as it is just very DEMEANING and EMBARRASSING to rely on her financially. As such, you end up with a job as ASSISTANT MANAGER of a quaint little BOOK STORE a few blocks from your HOME.

Most afternoons you spend working there usually consist of your reading in a quiet corner of the shop, as business is often slow.

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